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Welcome to Prime Avian Feed ( India) Pvt. Ltd.

Our Story:

Prime Avian Feed ( India) Pvt. Ltd. is a feed manufacturing company producing compounded poultry feed, catering to the animal health and nutrition industry and among the top 3 feed producing companies in Northern India, focused on sustainable quality and poultry nutritional solutions to today's bigg- est poultry nutritional challenges. Headquartered in New Delhi, the capital city of India, Prime Avian Feed (India) Pvt. Ltd. have production facilities and distri- butors strategically located across the north and eastern belts of India.

The first pellet feed mill of Prime Avian Feed (India) Pvt. Ltd. was installed in Rajpura, Punjab - at a time when the virtues of pellet feed was hardly conceived by the poultry industry. Prime Avian Feed ( India) Pvt. Ltd. had a robust beginning with a monthly average production of 1500 Metric tons of poultry feed in the very first year.

We employ approximately 150 people that include our sales and marketing teams, factory staff and support staff who handles our processes. Since 2003, when Mr. M. K. Aggarwal founded the company, Prime Avian Feed (India) Pvt. Ltd. have pioneered the concept of pellet feeds for the poultry industry. We have been growing ever since, maintaining a consistent average annual growth rate between 20 and 25%. We are fast approaching Rs. 200 crore in annual sales revenues and are on target to be a Rs. 500 crore company by 2015. We currently partner with over 150 distributors across north and east India.

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